The Casula Powerhouse scarf images were composited from lichen deposits found on trees surrounding the arts centre. I added the original collaboration logo and Alexis' logo on opposing corners, as well as a transparent ribbon around the boarder in dusk pink - a colour that became a motif throughout the event branding. This item is a digital print on silk.
I wanted to keep the branding elements minimal and fresh, leaving the strong patterned images to speak for themselves. I used the classic fashion typeface 'Didot' for the headers and a simple neo-grotesque sans-serif for the body copy.
Three main pattern tiles were developed for the collection, a green sphagnum moss; a crusted grey foliose lichen; and a yellow/aqua foliose lichen. These patterns were also displayed as moving motion graphics on the surrounding projectors. It was fascinating to see how the feel of each pattern changed on the different print surfaces like linen and velvet.
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