Just the stats:

Dev time: 6 months
Budget: AU $25K
Learner RRP: AU $11.5K
Collaborators: 1
External contractors (SMEs): 8
Internal stakeholders: 3
Launch: October 2022

The Transform courses at Academy Xi are the largest of their offerings. After completing an intensive full-time three months of coursework, students complete three months of an internship-like role with real world clients managed by the experience team. Finally, students have up to six months support with the outcomes team in gaining a role in their new speciality. Academy Xi are uniquely skilled at producing exceptional outcomes for their students, boasting a placement rate of 97%. These results are due to an extensive research scoping period including ongoing consultation with industry experts, designing unique learning frameworks informed by industry and hirer needs, employment, and skills data.
I designed the Graphic Design Transform course to be software intensive, with project work supporting graphic design theory content. With Human Centred Design principles applied throughout, the coursework consists of a mix of original written and multimedia assets, as well as high quality external examples. Assessment is cumulative and tailored to individual student goals, small projects completed for each module combines to form a final online artefact that demonstrates competency in Adobe Portfolio. Unlike many other courses of this size, my product went well beyond Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign - also covering After Effects, XD, HTML & CSS and touching on Premier, Procreate, Dimension, Mailchimp, Animate, Trello and Padlet.

Please find the full module overview here.
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